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Breweries launch beer academy and new Danish beer language
Danish Breweries have launched “Det Danske Ølakademi” – the Danish Beer Academy – to give the Danes more knowledge and more good experiences with beer. This website and various courses are parts of the effort.

Exploding beer market

Now you can download the Danish Beer Language in an English version.

The Beercross – a guide to describe the taste of beer

“The Danish beer market is exploding. In 2006 two new breweries open every month, and new beers are launched almost on a daily basis. Denmark is an El Dorado for beer lovers, .. if they are able to keep up,” says Niels Hald, director of the Danish Brewers’ Association and co-founder of the beer academy.

Knowledge to navigate
With the establishment of the Beer Academy, the founders, The Scandinavian School of Brewing and The Danish Brewers’ Association, wish to gather new knowledge from the world of beer and give the Danes a basic knowledge in order for new and old beer lovers to navigate easily through the world of beer. The various types of beer, their colour, aroma and taste are the crucial basics. If the beer academy is to decide, soon it will be just as normal to discuss the brewers’ choice of hops, as it is to discuss the grapes of a certain wine today.

Danish Beer Language
With the beer academy comes a new beer language.
“The Danish beer universe has experienced a sort of big bang, creating beer in new colours, types and tastes. Therefore beer lovers, consumers and professionals have co-operated in developing “Det Danske Ølsprog” – The Danish Beer Language – hoping to share the adventures of beer that they know themselves. The language consists of 110 words describing the beers’ appearance, aroma and mouth-feeling. The language should improve our ability to eat and drink with our eyes and to taste with our noses as well as our mouths.

Tools to grasp beer shelves
The curiosity of the Danes on the subject of beer is overwhelming. Every day the breweries contribute to an ever expanding beer universe which becomes increasingly exiting – but also increasingly confusing. With the launching of the Beer Academy and the Beer Language, we wish to give the Danes a few simple and comprehensible tools to get a better grasp of what they see on the beer shelves,” says Niels Hald.